Air Conditioning

Keeping you comfortable, all year round.

In an ever changing environment that varies from scorching heat and humidity to freezing cold and frosty, an efficient and effective climate control solution is important in allowing you to better enjoy the space you live or work in.

As with the electrical system, we take into consideration your lifestyle needs and your budget to design an effective climate control system, including recommending the products that will provide the best system in your home or office.

We assess the design of your home or office and advise the best options for you: whether it's a fully ducted and zoned air conditioning system to cover the entire home or office space, to a smaller split system if you only require specific rooms or areas to be controlled. In some cases, ceiling fans that assist in the natural air-flow of your design may be an economic, simple and effective alternative. 

Fusion Integrated Solutions can design a system using the most appropriate and cost effective brand or product that will achieve your requirements.  We can also service and maintain your chosen system, ensuring maximum output and effectiveness for your chosen climate control system.

For information on Daikin, Fujitsu and TCL air conditioning systems visit:

Air Conditioning