Automate your home or office to save energy and have peace of mind

Modern automation systems offer numerous conveniences throughout the home and office. It can provide automatic climate control, open or close blinds at sunrise or sunset, turn on and off appliances on demand, control lighting to minimize energy costs, control security systems, run irrigation and sprinkler systems and more, all automatically.

You can control all of these functions either at home, or remotely. If you’re away from home and an alarm sensor is triggered, your automation will send an SMS alert to you. You can log onto the internet  and remotely view all monitored locations within your home or office through CCTV. No more weekend trips to the office for false alarms. This provides a great sense of security and convenience for your peace of mind.

In commercial applications where energy consumption can be very expensive due to high demands, you can do all of the above applications and in particular control lighting in all parts of the office or retail location using presence detectors to automatically turn off lighting when rooms are unoccupied.

Coupled with the innovative Hager LED & tactile controls, an automation system not only provides convenience and energy savings, but also a stylish control system that is at home in any contemporary environment.

The Hager tebis system utilizes the internationally recognised protocol KNX and Fusion Integrated Solutions is a formally accredited installer and programmer. Just contact us to learn more about Hager’s Home Automation range or follow the below link:   

Hager tebis Residential Automation