You're being watched - by closed circuit TV surveillance

To complement your security system, whether it's a simple keypad access control device, or a complete alarm system, we can provide customised CCTV (closed circuit TV) camera systems to allow you to monitor your home or business.

You may just want to see visitors at your front gate before providing access, or monitor your whole property in the event of an alarm being activated as you can remotely view your home or business over the internet.  Whatever the the extent of your monitoring requirements, Fusion Integrated Solutions can design a system to suit your specific needs.

CCTV can be an excellent deterrent to potential intruders and discourage them from entering a property that they know is being monitored either locally or remotely, or both.

Such a system can even transmit the video signal to your smart phone or tablet, so it provides immediate real time monitoring of any location.

And, as with access, lighting and climate controls, CCTV can be integrated into an office or home automation system. The vision can also be displayed on your networked TV, so one moment you may be watching a movie and the next checking the perimeter of your office or factory at another location.