Networking made Easy

In the home environment, the networking of your computers, smart TV's, printers and data storage drives provides a level of convenience never seen before. With so many people working from home offices these days, modern networking capabilities are an essential part of any home electrical infrastructure system.

We also offer specialist design services to network and integrate your home computer, data and entertainment devices. Installation and commissioning such networks is part of the full service offering we provide.

Fusion Integrated Solutions are fully qualified to design such data networks for your personal or business requirements.  As part of the initial consultation process, we establish your family or business operational needs and then design a suitable data network to allow all your technology devices to communicate with each other effectively.

This includes either cable and or wireless networking to bring all your devices together to work as one effective network. And, we can also design them to communicate and utilize either the NBN network or Telstra copper telecommunications network.

Fusion Integrated Solutions can offer all these same services to the commercial sector as well, installing data networks in schools, business offices and manufacturing plants.

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