Solar Power

Take control of your power costs.

Solar PowerSadly, the cost of living isn't getting any cheaper, but you can take control of some those costs by installing a Solar Power system to help ease the burden of your energy bill.

Fusion Integrated Solutions design, install and service solar power systems to help you to reduce those costs. We will custom design according to your specific power demands, cost reduction objectives, home orientation and available roof space.

Once coupled with the use of low energy products such as LED lighting and inverter air conditioners, a solar power system can achieve significant cost savings. Of course the most effective way to reduce those costs is to minimize the use of electricity, so once your solar power system is up and running, excess power generated by your solar system can be fed back into the network and be credited to your energy account to be used against future billing periods.

As we warranty our systems and stand by their reliability, we only use high quality solar panels and inverters. This helps to ensure ongoing performance and maximise savings.

Whether you're building a new home or retrofitting a system to your existing home, contact us to provide a design and quote based on your requirements.